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The Geoffrey Ronning Comedy Hypnosis Show

See your audience star in a show that will have them laughing, applauding and enthusiastically volunteering! Fast paced and corporate safe, the content is designed to create successful events for corporate and association audiences.

You will see:

• Fun corporate content
• Your audience laughing and applauding
• Your audience enthusiastically participating

Suitable for groups up to thousands (22,000 is the largest audience
Geoffrey has ever performed for, that was at the Gorge Amphitheater).

The Geoffrey Ronning Comedy Mindreading Show

A new and novel audience participation show that will have your group
laughing and spellbound! Think of it as a magic show for adults. No
scarfs or rabbits, instead, intuition, mindreading and predictions.
No preshow collusion.

Here is what happens:

• A prediction reveals the name of a friend from a spectators past!
• The audience reads Geoffrey's mind
• Laughter ensues when your VIP starts reading minds! (optional)

Suitable for groups of 8 to 450.

"Last year we had a problem with inappropriate entertainment... I was
so happy to find Geoffrey Ronning and even happier when I
saw the results of his show!"

Beverly Nickelson - Interquest Inc.

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